Eutopia aeternam

A Heist gone Haywire

Dear Diary,

This is my first entry. My brother has given me a diary in order to better my English and keep my adventures in record.

Diary, I have my doubts about our supposed saviors, who are to protect the world from the terrible things that lay in the depths of the Tartarus. Mitchel and Nathanial seem to be like two different sides of a coin. Mitchel seems harmless, smart, and honestly a bit unsure of himself. While Nathanial, is clearly very sure of himself and overall Hard around the corners. Though I do feel that each of them have great possibility in improving, I do not feel there is going to be enough time to wait for the improvements. Maybe I am being too hard on them; perhaps I should have more faith and allow myself to see why they were chosen.

Diary, I have to admit this heist was fun! We entered the FBI NYC headquarters under false pretense to acquire a tape in the evidence room. Normally, I would never condone these types of actions but a disparate moment, called for disparate action. Also, it seemed like the best way to take action without having so many others become hurt. Oh Diary! I had to take on the identity of a janitor and work the horrible conditions they usually endure. As soon as I entered the FBI side door, this lady angrily approached me and said “You’re late! Get dress quickly and haul your ass to the restroom in the 9th floor.” As I was in the elevator, I thought to myself, what could be so wrong with a restroom that she would treat me in such a manner? Well Diary, I regret asking such a question because as I entered this restroom, I had gotten my answer.

Apparently, three out of six toilets back-fired waste all over the restroom floors and walls, they did manage to get a plumber to fix the issue but my job was to clean this mess. I wanted to cry. I could not help but feel as though it was in some way Nathanial’s fault. Though, it is wrong of me to think such things when I clearly do not have the answers and I cannot see why he would hate me so. I tried my best on the restroom but time was running out and I knew I needed to make my way to the evidence room. I excused myself from the restroom and told the secretary lady for this floor that I needed cleaning supplies from the 10th floor janitor room. She was quite busy and did not seem to care about clearance so, she passed me through. Are all mortals this silly?

On the 10th floor I passed Nathanial, who seemed to be enjoying himself quite a bit for a man in the middle of a heist. I could not help but become very annoyed with the joy on his face. Here I am cleaning waste off of toilets and he seems to be having more fun than a child in a theme park. Anyways, I made my way up to the 11th floor but through the vent system. We thought the vent system would get me directly to the evidence room but instead it put me right outside the evidence room inside another janitor room. I was stuck there and that is when everything went haywire.

Our rivals showed up from last time when we meet the reporter at the Chinese food place. A young Asian girl and an older looking man, who seem to be working for the senator in trying to frame Mitchel and Nathanial. They show up at the FBI quarters clearly for the tape we are trying to acquire. They have seen my brother Helios and Mitchel entering the elevator. We make haste and tried to get the tape before they can get to it but the young girl summoned what looks like a Valkyrie horse and smashed her way through the window of the evidence room. At that same moment Helios and Mitchel arrived at the scene to see her there. This young girl is seriously evil. She fired her weapon and killed the officer who protected the evidence room. I felt terrible that we could do nothing for her. Her dead body still haunts my vision.

The older man came out of the elevator and onto the 11th floor. I quickly came out of the janitor room and attacked him severely. He must have been so upset because he made the choice to use his (what I assume is his) birthright and summoned five dead human beings from their graves. I was horrified! These people are dead and should be able to rest peacefully, not used as a means for war. The fight seemed to go on forever but in the end it was an even outcome. They did not acquire the tape but we were left with the shattered remains of the tape. As the young girl fled with her older man and flying horse, she singled out a flirty farewell to Nathanial and he blew her a kiss. Diary, I wonder sometimes what goes on in other peoples mind.

Meeting a hippy reporter.

Our heroes Nathaniel and Mitchel, wake up to the loud banging coming for the front door. Celene enters Mitchel’s room to warn him that the police are at the front door.

She answers the door. A young policemen asks her if she has seen two fugitives, who is believed to be hiding among the neighborhood and possibly the building she resides. She assures him that she has not. After a bunch of exchanging of words, the officer leaves.

Celene renters the apartment, informs Mitchel, and Nathaniel (who ran out the fire escape in his underwear on a winter day) that the police have left.

After our heroes get ready for the day, they formally introduce themselves to Celene (Helios’s twin sister). Celene provide Nathaniel with all (except a gun) the items he asked for last night from Helios. One of the items was a newspaper. In the front page of the newspaper, was the crime supposedly committed by our heroes. Mitchel also noticed in the newspaper that a name, Lisa Stewart was constantly showing up from every article written about this crime. She hand singlehandedly written almost every article about this crime.

Helios shows up to find that Nathaniel and Mitchel has had some sort of issue between them. They all push past it and decide to acquire the journalist Lisa Stewart’s phone number. Mitchel manages to find her number through the internet. Nathaniel gives the journalist a call and she answers. Nathaniel gets Lisa to agree on meeting at a Chinese food place near the office at 5:00pm.

The group (Nathaniel, Helios, Celene, and Mitchel) decides that they will drive over to the food place and leave the car at a near-by alley way, where Celene and Nathaniel will wait for Helios. Helios is to pose as another journalist trying to compare notes with Lisa but who forgets his wallet, asking Lisa to come with him to his car to retrieve it. Mitchel is suppose to stay near-by to make sure the police are not tipped off on their where-about.

At first everything goes pretty smoothly, they arrive at the neighborhood early and Helios stands-by waiting for Lisa to show up. After about 20 minutes over 5:00pm, Lisa shows up but so does a black SUV in what is now an empty street. Lisa seems to not notice the SUV and enters the Chinese food place.

Helios gets Lisa to agree in coming with him to his car because he forgot his wallet but before they can completely make it out the restaurant, Lisa freezes in place at the sight of the SUV. Two people come out, a young Asian girl and a man looking in his mid-forties. Lisa quickly tells Helios to leave that she forgot about her appointment with the two individuals approaching her. Helios refuses to leave and the two approach them. They ask Lisa questions and the young girl smiling brushes pass them and into the restaurant. The young girl is seen whispering into the ear of a bum sitting in their. As she is finished the bum falls to the ground and begins to convulse. Helios being a doctor rushes to his aide. The young girl grabs Lisa and forces her into the SUV. Nathaniel makes Celene drive quickly to follow the car but as Celene approaches the food place, Helios is thrown right out of the food place. Causing Celene to stop short and come to her brothers aide. A child cyclops comes out of the place and begins to attack. The fight ends with Celene throwing an arrow right through the eye and out of the cyclops brain.

The heroes make their way back home but on their way home, Nathaniel receives a call from the young Asian girl. They have a playful, flirty conversion and the girl slips up in mentioning something about needing to get the tape. Also on their way back home, they pass-by the reporters office to see clearly that the girl was found dead by the cops. The police have deemed it a suicide.

Escaping the Tartarus...Walking into a murder scene.

Nathaniel wakes up to see a young man also laying across from him with a thin platform to separate the two. Nathaniel sits up to see that everything around the gazebo, they are under is pitch black. Mitchel (who is the boy still asleep) begins to groan. Nathaniel stands up and as soon as he does, four lights zig-zagged on the floor to each corner of the room.

At this noise, Mitchel wakes up and jumps to his feet. They exchange the little bit of information they have, while Nathaniel takes in the view of this room. He sees, eight doors to his right, another eight doors to his left, one fifteen foot door to the front of him and another fifteen foot door behind him. Each of the normal size doors had a roman numeral, from 1-16) Mitchel notices that their is a note on the platform that separated them. He picks up the note and sees that it has a passage, one side in Latin and the other side in English. The note says: Granted to those who read this note A second chance to purge thy sin Only with the path to righteousness Expose the past before you and see thy future. Only then will the present unfold In fates hand you hold

They decide to go through the first door and as they enter the door it closes behind them. The room is dark at first, then the scene appears to form together before them. The gods ahead of them are arguing with each other over something that Zeus is keeping away from the other Gods. No one seems to see Nathaniel or Mitchel, let alone hear them. The scene ends with Athena declaring War soon if nothing is done about Zeus.

The second door they entered has Aphrodite in it and she can see them. She tells the that someone is messing with their fate and they need to quickly find an item that will open the gates to the Tartarus, where she is trapped.

The third door they entered, showed them 3 titans surrounding Gaia and darkness devouring what was left. Kronos sends the heroes away and back to the Gazebo.

The fourth door they enter shows Nathaniel past where a man is watching him fraud a lady into giving him money at a casino. They follow the man and the man uses a phone to let the person on the phone know the where-abouts of Nathaniel.

The fifth door they entered shows Mitchel’s past, they are in a classroom where Mitchel was being bullied by a bunch of older guys. The guys leave and the heroes interact with the young Mitchel.

The sixth and last door they enter, puts them into a murder scene where a boy lies on the floor. A woman walks in and screams at the site of them. The heroes flee realizing they are actually back in reality. They enter the subway, pose as bums, approach another bum who happens to be the God Dionysus. Dionysus leads them to the home of Helios and Celene, where they get many questions and hardly any answers.


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