Mitchel Green

Son of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom.

Calling: Kid Rising Above Nature: Perfectionist God: Athena
Academics Good Craft Melee Mediocre
Animal Ken Poor AirCraft Fair Occult Fair
Art Politics Fair
Music Poor Empathy Poor Presence Mediocre
Athletics Poor Fortitude Fair Science
Awareness Mediocre Integrity Mediocre Physics Good
Brawl Poor Investigation Good OOOOO
Command Mediocre Larceny Terrible Stealth Terrible
Control(Air) fair Marksmanship Mediocre Survival fair
Medicine Poor Thrown poor
Alex, Owl of Guidance mediocre Know it all
Epic Intelligence Poor Instant Investigator
Epic Wits Poor
Virtues Willpower
Expression Terrible XXXXXXOOOO
Intellect Good
Valor Poor Legend [4/4]
Scratched Hurt Injured Incapacitated Dying

Mitchel Green was born in Ottawa, Canada. His father said that his mother died during childbirth. He grew up in a log cabin where he learned to deal with scarcity and harshness. The weather was brutal and harsh and so was his father. Green senior was a cold, hard man who teetered between bouts of intense rage and extreme happiness. Mitchel learned that when his father’s mood was dark, the best thing to do was to hide out in his room and escape into books.

He was determined to use knowledge to escape the world he had been thrown into. To that end, he attempted to learn as much about everything that he could. He would consume books faster than he could get them. Taking notes on everything that he could. When he couldn’t get a good book in his hands, he would investigate the world around him. This led to an interest in physics and specifically flight.

Eventually, his father bought a cabin in the wilds of California. The change in weather brought a change in his father’s temperament and his mood seemed to be on the rise. He frequently brought more books for Mitchel to read and encouraged his son in his love of learning. His dark moods remained however and one day his father decided that he would deal with his son no longer. That night Mitchel packed for military school.

Mitchel was an exemplary student in military school even though he hated every minute of it. He excelled at his studies and was consistently the top of the entire school. During his time living at the military school, Mitchel was able to attend classes on piloting small aircraft. He took to the air like he had lived there his whole life.

A low point in his time at the military school was a time when he had earned a perfect grade on a particularly hard test, and the teacher singled him out for praise. Later three of the larger boys from his class followed him back to his dorm room and confronted him. They attacked him and Mitchel claims that he blacked out. The next thing that he remembers is that the boys were on the ground. He has since been likely to black out when having to resort to violence. He dislikes this aspect of himself and worries about becoming like his father.

Later, his father began suffering from the cancer that he had been hiding for so long. He was diagnosed with end stage brain cancer. The decline was fast and his father seemed to be a different man. He encouraged his son to take his GED and further his education. He followed his father’s advice and passed his GED easily. He also flew through his challenge exams and earned almost a whole master’s degree in physics with a minor in aeronautics technology.

He finished college in one year and was immediately recruited to the United States Air Force base Houston, Texas. There he helps design aircraft as a civilian contractor. He leads a team of research scientists on attempting to create more efficient jet engines.

Mitchel Green

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